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Not sure how to put together a down payment? Want to buy a second property? How can you leverage your home equity to pay for your children’s post-secondary education? Dare to dream. You’ll find your answers here.

  1. Life after bankruptcy – How to start over

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn How to react to a bankruptcy How to start over The aftermath of bankruptcy How to recover from bankruptcy There are two ways to deal with a bankruptcy: cry about it, or start looking ahead. 50 years ago, declaring bankruptcy was a shameful thing. You had not only failed […]

  2. A condo in Florida—financed in Quebec

    by  Fabien Major What you’ll learn The current real estate market Tightened mortgage conditions Expenses and incidentals There is a long-standing love affair between Quebecers and Florida. Many choose the Sunshine State as the ideal spot for retirement. This dream has become more and more a accessible due to the bust of the speculative real […]

  3. Top 3 financial mistakes retirees make

    by Fabien Major What you’ll learn Why is it important to plan for your retirement? When should you review your investment allocation? Why should you evaluate the impact taxes have on your revenues? If you are starting to consider retirement or hope that one day you will achieve financial independence, you should read the following paragraphs […]

  4. Online Mortgage Pre-qualification: Now Available!

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn What does pre-qualifying for a mortgage mean? Why should I pre-qualify for a mortgage? What is the maximum amount of financing I can afford to buy a property? What’s the difference between pre-qualifying with a financial institution and pre-qualifying for a mortgage with Multi-Prêts? Is it possible to apply for […]

  5. Borrowing capacity – What is a mortgage rate stress test?

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn What is a stress test? Why are financial institutions doing stress tests? Other tools & resources to avoid over-indebtedness When you want to borrow money to purchase a property, specific data is analyzed by your mortgage broker and lender to determine your borrowing capacity. And before they approve you for […]

  6. Who is affected by these new rules?

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn Who is most affected by new mortgage rules? Can I still buy a home? What are the impacts of these news rules in the real estate market? Canada’s new mortgage rules should not prevent you from achieving your dream of purchasing a new home. However, you may have to do […]

  7. Self-employed? Avoid the hassles when getting a mortgage

    by Fabien Major What you’ll learn What is harder for self-employee workers? The roles banks and mortgage brokers play Tips to getting your mortgage   Approximately 15% of workers in Canada are self-employed. While the percentage is lower in Québec, there are nevertheless 560 000 self-employed workers in the province. These include all types of freelancers, […]

  8. Your number one New Year’s resolution – Saving for that dream vacation!

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Why make a budget? Who makes a budget? How to properly save to ensure your dream vacation becomes a reality? A few tips for a realistic budget Do you have the appropriate funds to go on vacation this summer? Enough money saved for a tour of Europe, or maybe […]

  9. Tips to improve your credit rating

    by Denis Doucet What you’ll learn What is a credit bureau and more importantly, what do they do? How does a credit bureau determine a credit rating? Can I hurt my credit rating by shopping for a mortgage myself? What factors can affect my credit rating? Do all financial institutions use the same lending criteria to […]

  10. How to finance your retirement with your property

    by Fabien Major What you’ll learn Can your property cover a lack of revenue when you retire? How can you leverage the value of your home after you reach 60 or 65 years of age? What are your different options so that you can begin preparing today? In June 2016, Retraite Québec (a new agency that […]