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Our articles: a wealth of information

We have but one purpose: to help you gain a better understanding of the real estate buying process, and be the best property owner you can be. Whether you’re buying your very first property, or you already have experience, we’re here for you. We’ll give you the facts, and offer solutions according to your needs: we have no hidden agenda. Our only purpose is to serve your interests!

  1. What you need to know about cellars

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Why you should have a cellar Other options Tips to store your wine The time for setting up a bar in your basement has come and gone. Wine cellars of all sizes, however, are in. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that wine sales in this country have […]

  2. Tips and Tricks – For a safe holiday season

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn How to install my Christmas tree safely? How do I string my outdoor lights safely? Should I opt for a artificial or natural Christmas tree? When we talk Christmas decorations, we usually focus on setting a great tone and creating an incredible holiday mood through light, ambiance and design. […]

  3. How to finance your home renovations

    What you’ll learn Self-financing For small projects For large projects There comes a time when a little change can do a world of good. If minor aesthetic changes aren’t enough, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving, a renovation project may be in order. If you’re looking to borrow in order […]

  4. All I want for Christmas is to play outside! 8 outdoor activities for the whole family

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Family winter sports that venture outside the box Creative endeavours to spark up the imagination for those who don’t like sports Creating unforgettable memories for all The holiday season isn’t just a time for celebration, but a great opportunity to make some memories with the family. Here are a […]

  5. How to develop healthy financial habits

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Better manage your credit card Make a budget Assess your personal finances Develop good saving habits Better manage your credit card A credit card is an excellent tool if used wisely. With a little discipline, it becomes the best financial tool to create a good credit history, which allows […]

  6. Shopping for a home: Did you miss something?

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What are the important things to check when buying a house? Here’s our home buying to-do checklist to consider before purchasing a property When looking to purchase a property, most house hunters consider obvious factors like price, neighborhood, schools and location before deciding to buy or not to buy. […]

  7. Using RRSPs to buy your first home through the HBP

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What are the eligibility requirements under the HBP? What is the HBP? How much money can I withdraw from my RRSPs under the HBP? How does the repayment of RRSP funds under the HBP program work? Updated September 9th 2019. Buying your first home can certainly be an adventure, so […]

  8. Demystifying mortgage deeds

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn The notary: An impartial legal expert Conventional mortgage or umbrella mortgage? Speak to your broker Have you just been approved for a mortgage? Congratulations! There’s still one last thing to do, however, before your loan becomes official: make an appointment with a notary. Under the Quebec Civil Code, mortgages […]

  9. How to build a home theatre

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn Determining the type of home theatre best suited to your needs and budget Knowing the different options available when it comes to sound systems The basics of soundproofing and acoustics Ah, home theatre systems… Every fan of TV series, electronic gadgets and epic movies dreams about owning one. If […]

  10. Alternative mortgage lenders

    by Multi-Prêts Mortgages What you’ll learn What is an alternative loan? Who is it for? What is an alternative loan? Although still marginal, alternative mortgage loans are starting to get Canadian buyers talking. In 2015, they were estimated to make up a little over 2% of the market, whereas they never rose above 1% prior […]

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